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Dr. Kalen Hammann, affectionately known as “Dr. K,” has captivated audiences at over 50 Fortune 500 companies and many smaller organizations worldwide – from Intel in the U.S. and the Philippines  and China to Nokia in Japan to Wilson Learning in Australia to Siam Motors in Thailand to Citrix Systems in Bangalore. His entertaining appearances in person and in the media are filled with fascinating facts and practical tips viewers and listeners can use immediately.

Dr. K is the creator of “Dr. K’s 5-Step Relationship Rescue” and the  author of the life changing book, If At First You Don’t Succeed . . . Change the Rules!” and the forthcoming book “Date Your Mate: How to Save Your Marriage from The Blahs and Live Happily Ever After. His doctorate in social psychology is from the University of Michigan. Dr. K helps people get through to each other both at work and at home, helping business leaders and couples improve their relationships face-to-face and via webinars and Skype. He was a therapist and relationship counselor in Massachusetts for over a decade before finding his true calling opening new relationship possibilities for individuals, couples, organizations, and audiences worldwide.

Topics of Dr. K’s presentations, seminars, and workshops have included

  • Why we can’t think straight when we most need to?
  • “She/He just doesn’t get it!” How to work with people from other countries – or your own country! – who drive you crazy
  • Why Love Is Not Enough (And What Is?) – Secrets From Happy Couples
  • “You’re always working!” How to have a satisfying relationship while you’re building a business or a career even if you’re crazy busy
  • How To Empower Teams Without Having Everything Fall Apart
  • How To Stop Communication Breakdowns:
    What To Do When A Conversation Starts To Go Off The Rails
  • And many more!

Dr. K is recognized as a terrific speaker and a great media guest – engaging, entertaining, articulate, gives great tips people can use right away.

“[Dr. K] was passionate, kept the audience engaged and modeled what “good” looks like.”
– Takeda Manager

“Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from your presentation today! informative, interesting, and easy!! Thanks!”
– Merry Berger, certified life and business coach

“Thank you so much for the information you shared during your presentation today. 
It was a pleasure hearing you speak.”
-Tracy Callahan

The Real Power Of A Smile

“[Dr. K] did an inspiring and information packed session about the dynamics of couples and how their thinking undermines their ability to make good decisions.  He is clear and engaging, involves the audience every step of the way, and delivers great value! I can’t wait to invite him back again for more of his insights about the dynamics of the intimate relationship.” – Pegotty Cooper, FASAE, IOM, MBA, Co-Founder of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program and Co-Author of the book Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes.

“His talks were well received . . . we look forward to his return.”
Participant comment: “It was awesome!”
– Rev. Sarah Novak, President, Temple of Love and Healing

“[Dr. K] led a lively, packed house at Open Issues Sunday morning about relationships: ‘When To Close Your Mouth And Open Your Arms’
. . . practical advice everyone can value.”
-John Chase, co-Chair Open Issues Forum, Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater FL

WHY Should You “Seek First To Understand, THEN To Be Understood?”

Dear Dr. K,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work, support, as well as the dynamic presentation you featured to my SLS 1101 students over the last few weeks.

You are an excellent and inspiring presenter.
All the best to you.
-Psalms Mack, St Petersburg College

 “Very skilled and very good in presentation and facilitating.  He also has a lovely smooth voice that makes listening so easy and comfortable.
You’d want him to read the news!”
 – CoVance Manager

“This is the best presentation we’ve ever had!”
– Joy Morse, National Association of Woman Business Owners member

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